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Ngwenya Glass MTB

On the 11th of July 2015 we will be hosting our 5th annual Ngwenya Mountain Bike Challenge, last year we hosted over 250 hardy cyclists, and hope fully this year they will be back to savour the trails of Swazilands highest altitude one day Mountain Bike Challenge.

Swaziland is a mountain bikers dream, with the most amazing scenery and diverse array of possible routes at many different altitudes. Due to our race being at high altitude it is great for high altitude training for other longer events and races. So get training!

We have not been idle throughout the year and have found some new single track and Kia track to improve and keep the route fresh! Like both our Facebook pages to keep updated.

The Routes

70km Marathon

70 km’s of flowing trails consisting of jeep tracks, forest roads, cattle paths (single track) and unused railway lines, with a balance of undulating hills, steep climbs and wicked down-hills.

With altitude variances  from 1350m to 1600m – the route was not for the faint-hearted or weak legged, a couple of cyclists from flatter parts of the country learnt a lesson or two about climbing and pacing themselves. These routes are open to you to come and enjoy throughout the year, give us a shout if you need directions.

We will be scouting for those single track sections to sweeten the route even more.

single track 21.1km
district road 37.7km
KIA track 4.6km
tar 2.1km
climbing 2180m

40km Classic

40km of enjoyable riding on jeep tracks, cattle paths (single track) and meandering forest roads. Ideal for the seasoned rider.

The route traversed the Motshane / Sicgangeni valley,  heading into the hills towards Mhlabanyatsi some climbing was required.

single track 18.6km
district road 15.6km
KIA track 4.0km
tar 2.1km
climbing 945m

27km Family Ride

27km of rideable foot paths, jeep tracks and old railway lines around the Ngwenya Village and Motshane valley.

With one or two stiff climbs to keep you focused!

single track 11.8km
district road 7.6km
KIA track 3.3km
tar 2.1km
climbing 570m


The next MTB will be 9th July 2016… Hold tight!


Funds raised by the race have been used to purchase blankets and water projects for the local community through which we ride.

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